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June News

June is usually an exciting month, not just for us but a lot of other cider producers too.

Before the pandemic, June was the month for a lot of local events such as:

The Bath and West Show, this is a big show held on the outskirts of Shepton Mallet where cider is a big deal, whether it be tasting, making or selling. There's plenty of it!! There is a big competition held here every year for all flavours, colours and varieties of cider. 

Glastonbury Festival which is held every year and is within walking distance of Moons Cider shop. This is a very busy time of year for us, with the lead up to the festival we see a lot of passing customers. It is also a huge event for those who drink cider.

Good News

After 8 weeks of blossoming the cider apples perform what is call a June drop. This is where the smaller apples produced on the trees drop off, allowing the remaining apples as much attention and growth needed. This years crop is looking very promising with lots of well produced apples. 

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